Lawn & Gardening


Most people love walking barefoot and kicking off their shoes in their lawn during summer and spring. Nothing makes you feel happy than having your feet on the soft grass as the friendly neighbors pass by and the sun shining from above.

However, things are different when your lawn is not healthy. Like most homeowners, you might think of tearing out the lawn and starting over when your lawn is far from what you want. Well, this is not the time to give up or make a fresh start. It is possible to make the right investment in your lawn and turn it to that perfect and healthy lawn you want to see. Here are some great tips you can use to restore your lawn’s health.

  • Aerate your Lawn

One of the most common causes of an unhealthy lawn is compacted soil. If your lawn looks unhealthy, the best way to relieve soil compaction is through aeration. Aeration involves pulling the many tiny little plugs from the soil surface. Apart from relieving soil compaction, aeration allows air, water, and nutrients into the soil thus enhancing the growth of roots.

For lawns that receive heavy traffic, it is recommended to aerate at least once a year. The type of soil in your lawn also determines the number of times you might be required to aerate it. Heavy clay soils require frequent aerating while sandy soils might just be aerated once a year. If your lawn receives light traffic, you might also consider aerating once a year. Note that spring is the best time to aerate your lawn. Furthermore, you need to rent the right equipment for this task.

  • Soil Nutrition

If you want to maximize the growth of grass in your lawn ensure the soil receives enough nutrients. Your tired and unhealthy lawn can come back to life if you pay attention to soil nutrition. The first step here should be testing your soil to check what it needs. Lawn care Collier ville, TN offers a customized weed control and fertilizer program which combines both liquid and granular treatments designed to fit your turf requirements.

If you have any problems with restoring your stressed, unhealthy lawn, call us at 40-evergreen and we’ll get the job done.